Dealing With Female Hair Loss


There’s nothing more horrifying for a women than to see that her hair is falling out far more extensively and quicker than it should (Normal is 100-150 strands a day). Each hair will grow for 2-6 years, go through a short dormant period and then fall out as the follicle pushes through a new hair. When new hairs do not replace the old ones or when the hair is coming out in clumps, there is certainly cause for concern.

Female Hair LossFemale hair loss has several different causes – some temporary, some permanent. Temporary causes can include pregnancy, anxiety and stress, too many strong treatments (coloring, bleaching), too much manipulation, illness, disease, and infections of the scalp. Thankfully, regrowth happens on it’s own when as these causes dissipate. Permanent types of hair loss occur because of heredity and hormonal changes and are not reversed without help. Women usually see hair loss start at areas of parts, where parts become wider. Female pattern baldness occurs usually in the frontal areas; then, there is overall hair loss, resulting in a steady thinning of the entire head with the scalp becoming more and more visible.

There are a number of ways to deal with women’s hair loss including:
1. Diet plays a large role in hair loss, so it is important to eat to a healthy diet at all times.
2. Exercise will increase blood flow to all areas of the body, including the scalp. Studies have been done showing that increased circulation to the scalp can help in the stimulation of follicles helping to regrow hair.
3. There are a number of natural herbal and oil remedies, wich are usualy topical, with the hoped for effect of opening up clogged follicles and enhancing hair production. These have varying degrees of success, depending upon the person.
4. Wigs and hair extensions will cover up any hair loss and, are made so well today that they are hardly recognizable as such.
5. A number of medical products have also been made just for women. It is important to know that women must be certain that products they use are specifically designed for them. Men’s hair products could have ingredients that can be harmful to women. Medical products can be gotten by prescription and over-the-counter. It would be smart to ask a doctor first, before using these, to be sure they do not interact with any other medication currently being taken and to be certain that the hair loss is not the result of some other medical condition. Provillus has a product just for women, with FDA approved ingredients. Research studies on the effectiveness of this and other products, is easily available on the Internet. Some offer money-back guarantees, and most have testimonies from satisfied users. Success of course varies by individual.
6. There are also a number of surgical procedures available for women, including transplants and grafts. These are expensive and should be looked into carefully before committing to the cost.

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April 23, 2009

Dealing with female hair loss is definitely difficult but not impossible thing to do. Apart from any medication, it is important to follow proper diet and exercise.

August 27, 2010

Can you get a permanent hair transplant using hair other than your own?

February 6, 2011

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