Female Hair Loss – Prevention Beats Any Cure


By Chun-Lam S Lo

Males are more likely to become bald than females. We hear and see lots of men losing their hair at an early age. Some men start seeing bald patches in their hair at an early age of thirty. Some experience signs of hair loss even earlier. Female hair loss only affects a small percentage of women.

A common form of female hair loss is a condition called telogen effluvium. Telogen effluvium is a condition where there is a widely spread out shedding of hair. The hair loss occurs on the scalp and on other parts of the body.

The cause of the condition known as telogen effluvium is normally due to a reaction to intense stress on the body’s physical systems or hormonal systems. Another reason could be due to a bad reaction to medication.

Telogen effluvium can occur for people of all ages. It could suddenly happen to anyone and last for roughly half a year. In some cases, the problem is chronic and needs special treatment methods to cure it.

Hair growth cycles alternate between two phases. There is a growth phase and a resting phase. The growth phase which is alternatively known as anagen, lasts for roughly three years. The resting phase which is alternatively known as telogen, lasts for roughly three months.

During telogen, the hair remains in the follicle and waits until the new hair pushes it out. The new hair will have already begun life in the anagen phase as it pushed the old hair out.

It is said that at any one time, roughly 15% of the hairs on our body are in telogen. When the body’s systems aren’t functioning properly, the number of hairs in telogen can increase greatly. This will mean that a larger number of hairs will fall out at one time.

Many people experience these abnormal phases in life when hairs in telogen make up more than 15% of the total. Stress typically plays a huge role when it comes to hair loss. Many causes of female hair loss are just temporary.

There really isn’t a wonder cure product out there. Women hair loss is quite different from loss of hair in men. Women typically experience thinning of the hair and lose hair over the top and side of the head. Men normally get a receding hair-line or crown loss.

Dihydrotestosterone, or DHT, is a chemical produced inside the body. An enzyme in the body known as 5-alpha reductase produces DHT. If the body produces too much DHT, then this will cause follicles to make thinner hair. Thinning is quite common in women.

Hair follicles make hair. If they don’t work are malfunctioning then growth will be limited. There is yet to be a way to turn follicles on so that hair growth is possible for people who are bald.

Relaxing and not being stressed is the best way to tackle most female hair loss problems. Take up some kind of meditation classes such as yoga or Tai Chi. Remember that stress isn’t good for anyone and we should learn to relax and release our stresses.

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May 19, 2011

I would recommend that you use Arnica 30 twice daily as I have found that it promotes the growth of hair. You will notice that your daily loss of hair is considerably lessened within a few weeks and you will also notice many new short hairs sprouting above your normal long hair in about a month.

May 30, 2011

Spiritual Films @ 10:00 pm #

Thanks for this informative post. I have a problem of hair loss too. I wish their is easier way to beat stress as to avoid hair loss..

June 9, 2011

Hot Tub Rash @ 1:27 am #

Great information. Too much stress can really cause hair loss.

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