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It is indeed traumatic for women losing hair. Whether it is temporary or permanent hair loss, women do get upset and mentally disturbed about it. It kills the self confidence and crushes the ego. Thinning hair and baldness can create havoc in the lives of women. Though women losing hair is not common as in men still there are a sizable number of women losing hair around the world. Known as alopecia hair loss can be remedied if it is due to certain type of lifestyle or illness. Alopecia Areata is the most common form of   a peculiar auto-immune skin disease that results in patchy hair loss on the scalp. Usually it starts with a small patch of hair loss and continues with one or more small, round patches of hair loss on your head. 

Generally hair growth takes place through out your life time and doesn’t stop. There are instances when you undergo acute stress or mental trauma that hair loss occurs in women. Women losing hair is not uncommon during pregnancy or child birth or if you are on birth pills or smoking and alcoholism. Thyroid affected women also lose hair. Severe diseases like cancer can cause hair loss in women. Menopause is another stage in life when women start losing hair. Whenever there is hormonal disturbances in the body hair gets affected and women losing hair becomes a routine.

Death of a loved one can have devastating effect on ladies and that causes hair loss. Body signals the mind to stop reacting and the pressure builds up for a long period of time. Then all of a sudden hair fall takes place at a particular place on the head and patches of baldness occur. This is known as Alopecia Areata. When the hair falls totally from the head it is known as Alopecia Totalis. Traction alopecia occurs when the hair is pulled tightly and tied. The pulling causes the follicles to stretch causing hair fall.

Environmental issues like pollution, dust and dirt, climatic changes, water can also cause women losing hair temporarily. Despite all this the hair follicles remain alive and are ready to resume normal hair production whenever they receive the appropriate signal from the body.

Hair Care Tips:

  • First and foremost wear a style that helps the scalp to breathe. Do not tie your hair tightly pulling at the scalp. That ruins hair growth. Leave it open and keep combing with a soft and gentle brush.
  • Wash you hair regularly to keep it free of dust and dirt. Sweat combined with dust can play havoc on your hair. After washing your hair leave it to dry naturally rather than using a hair dryer.
  • Oiling your hair regularly and a gentle massage keeps the blood circulation healthy and helps in hair growth. Use herbal oils that consist of natural flower extracts and herbs that help in hair growth. Nature has showered us with her bounties. Let us make optimum use of it.
  • Eat a regular diet with lots of vegetables and fruits. That should supply balanced nutrition to your body.

Provillus has cure for women losing hair. There are no side effects and it is easy to apply. Natural and herbal products and certain changes in dietary regimen can help women losing hair.

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