Hair Loss and Nutrition


Did you know that there is direct connection between nutrition and hair loss? Well, it’s not only your body but hair too that looses its power when there is low nutrition levels in your body. Not only does a healthy body have a healthy mind, it also has healthy hair. Hair loss can be remedied if proper nutrition is added to your diet. Though there are umpteen reasons for hair loss, lack of nutrition is one of the reasons that can be easily remedied. For that you need to follow a healthy and regular diet along with vitamin and mineral supplements.

Causes for hair loss

Hair loss or alopecia is a common problem among people all around the world. Some of the main causes for hair loss are it can be genetic, dandruff, severe health issues like cancer, tumor, depression, bulimia, anorexia and even diabetes. Low insulin level in the body can cause hair loss or thinning. That is why diabetic people look years older than they actually are. Hair loss takes place due to hormonal disturbance also. Lack of iron in the body causes hair loss. This is known as anemia. This is a form of iron deficiency, caused by a reduction in red blood cells. A thick crop of hair can make anybody look and feel younger. Lack of nutrition causes hair loss and that is what is being discussed here.

Nutrition and supplements

Some of the important vitamins are vitamin B especially B6, biotin, inositol and folic acid; and the minerals like magnesium, sulfur and zinc that helps in hair growth. When this nutrition is not present in your body or is at a low level that causes hair loss. If these are taken as supplements as well as added to your diet then you can cure hair loss with nutrition in a holistic way. If your internal physiological environment is supportive of hair growth, you can be assured that you’ve a healthy body. Hair growth is a sure sign of good health. But if balding is genetic then you cannot help it.

We are what we eat

Food affects our body in a major way and what we eat makes a lot of difference to our internal organs. Adding nutrition diet in our daily routine should keep all sicknesses at bay and also help to avoid hair loss. If your body has good circulation of blood then hair loss can be prevented. Have a diet that is rich in iron, vitamin B and magnesium. Eat greens like spinach in your meal at least once a week. Also eat lettuce, fresh salads, carrot / beet juice (this is rich in iron) tomato juice and fruits like apples and bananas. All these help to maintain good nutrition levels that prevent hair loss.

Besides nutrition also tend to your hair with care. Keep it covered with a scarf while traveling as pollution and dust can affect it. Also wash your hair regularly. Egg is a good conditioner for hair. Gently massage your scalp once a week to improve blood circulation. With a shining mane you are sure to be the envy of one and all.

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