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Hair loss is one issue none of us can ignore; as it is visible to the eye and a full crop of hair on top of your head is indeed a jewel in the crown. Be it man or woman everyone wishes to have a head full of soft, silky and curly (or straight?) hair. There are many people who suffer from premature balding and hair loss. Natural hair loss treatments can help in preventing hair loss and can improve the growth of hair on the head. First and foremost you need to know the cause of hair loss before you start any treatment.

Hair loss or alopecia as it is also known occurs due to many reasons. Generally it is genetic in men (some women too) to bald after a certain age. People who have undergone chemotherapy for treatment of cancer have hair loss as a side effect. Water is another main reason why people have hair loss. If you are living in an area where the water is hard or chemicals are added for purifying water, then you are sure to have hair loss. Natural hair loss treatments can help stop the falling of hair but it needs to be undertaken on a regular basis. There are many types of natural hair loss treatments. Whether it is to apply and massage aromatic herbal oils or taking a vegetable rich diet of greens, cabbages, lettuce and drink aloe vera juice or apply onion juice on your hair regularly for a period of time are all some of the natural hair loss treatments.

Interestingly it is also being said that FengShui, the Chinese art of metaphysics has a natural hair loss treatment. All you need to do is keep your head in a certain direction while sleeping and that should help in hair growth. Unbelievable! Though it has not yet been proved to be beneficial, world renowned FengShui masters are working on it. This can be a boon for balding people as it’ll be a harmless natural hair loss treatment. Drinking carrot juice, using amla seeds soaked in warm water instead of shampoos and having a good head massage with herbal oils that are made up of flowers and natural herbs along with fenugreek seeds will help as natural hair loss treatments.

Besides this above mentioned natural hair loss treatments keep your diet healthy by drinking juices, milk, yogurt and eating iron rich food. This helps in blood circulation which helps in general hair growth. Also avoid constipation and maintain regular bowel movement daily. That will help keep your hair shining and healthy. Coconut oil is a time and tested oil as natural hair loss treatments. Apply coconut oil everyday and giving a gentle massage to your scalp not only increases the blood circulation but also acts as a protective screen against dust and pollution. This helps to keep the hair healthy and glowing. Hair loss is reduced in people who apply coconut oil regularly. Aroma oils help the hair as well as the mind to relax and that helps in stopping hair fall. All these natural hair loss treatments can help in controlling hair fall / alopecia or baldness.

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