Natural Hair Regrowth Tips


Whether it is dandruff or due to a recent illness or pregnancy and delivery hair fall in inevitable. It is at these times that you should be ready to induce natural hair regrowth. Hair keeps growing through out our life time like finger and toe nails but you need to take the right remedy at the right time to have effective regrowth of natural hair. Hair starts falling in bunches due to dandruff and alopecia areata. This can be disturbing and make a person feel depressed. To induce natural hair regrowth here are some time tested tips:

1)Gently massage your hair/ head twice daily. Once in the morning and before going to bed at night. Use herbal oil or coconut oil or aromatic oil with flower extracts. Heat the oil lightly and use cotton bud to apply the oil to your scalp. This will stop dandruff as it is the dryness of scalp that induces the dead skin to fall prematurely.

2)Wash your hair twice a week at least. Use a mild shampoo and conditioner. Test the water you are using to wash your hair. This is another reason for hair loss. For natural hair regrowth take vitamins and mineral supplements regularly.

3)Diet plays a major role in natural hair regrowth. Eating regular diet with protein and mineral rich nutrients helps in natural hair regrowth. Fruits, vegetables and milk give the necessary nutrients that help in natural hair regrowth.

4)Milk is a good laxative. If you have regular bowel movement and is not affected by constipation then it’ll be easy for natural hair regrowth.

5)Black gram powder with powdered fenugreek seeds can be used as shampoo to wash your hair and soap nuts soaked in warm water are the best alternative for a conditioner. Another good conditioner for hair is egg. This gives a bounce to your hair and makes it look full with life.

6)Natural hair regrowth after illness or pregnancy doesn’t take much time. If you wish to speed up the process there are across the counter medicated and safe oils available that induce hair growth. Minoxidil is applied on the scalp and that helps in natural hair regrowth.

7)Avoid using toxic hair colors and perming treatments. Rebonding, hair straightening and curling artificially can damage the hair and obstruct natural hair regrowth.

8)Provillus has cure for all issues related to natural hair regrowth. After all people have been having this problem ever since man came into this world. It is now that it has increased due to pollution, changing climatic conditions and man made hazards like using chemical gels to straighten hair or styling it. Nature has everything worthwhile in it. It is we who need to identify what is useful for natural hair regrowth.

9)Good supply of blood and oxygen to the hair follicles can help natural hair regrowth. In order to have thick and bushy natural hair regrowth study the structure of hair follicles and help it to grow from deep inside the skin.

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