Natural Prevention of Hair Loss


Prevention is always better than cure. Though an old cliché’ it still holds good. As you age you tend to lose hair and go bald. Though you cannot help going bald, if it is genetic it can be reduced to some extent by using natural hair loss prevention treatments. Premature hair loss can be due to many reasons. Nowadays you see youngsters going bald and even girls are losing hair. The main reasons for natural hair loss are hard water, depression, stress and strain, dandruff, illness, pregnancy and menopause. Here are some natural hair loss prevention treatments for these reasons, so that you can avoid losing hair and keep your mane shining and clean.
When the water you use to wash your hair is hard water or has chemicals added to it in the name of purification, then natural hair loss occurs. Check the water in your area before you move in. Also use purifier to clean the water and then wash your hair. Always apply oil and massage your scalp for half an hour before you wash it. Allow the oil to soak in. This will help rejuvenate the hair follicles inside the scalp and helps in growth. This is one of the methods for natural hair loss prevention.

Secondly if you’ve been afflicted with typhoid or flu and have been sick for awhile the medications taken by you for sickness can cause hair loss as a side effect. In this case you can’t help it as you’ve to get well first. So once you are cured take a haircut, wash your hair thoroughly with a mild shampoo and blow dry it. Take vitamin and mineral supplements to balance the nutrients in your body. Also eat a regular diet of greens, carrots, tomatoes and lettuce. Fruits also help in natural hair loss prevention. Aloe vera gel is very effective for hair growth. Apply it regularly. You can also drink the aloe vera juice. See to it that you’ve bowel movement daily. Constipation is another reason for hair loss.

Menopause is a dreaded period in every woman’s life. It is at this time that a lot of hormonal changes take place inside a woman’s body. Natural hair loss prevention should be undertaken during this time. Taking calcium and vitamin supplements along with iron should try and balance the system so that natural hair loss prevention can be avoided. Holistic approach can help in natural hair loss prevention. Henna, a traditional herb in India that is used as a coolant helps in softening and growth of hair. Grinding henna leaves along with herbal tea extract and one egg yolk will help in natural hair loss prevention. This is a common natural hair loss prevention treatment that is undertaken by most Indian women as well as men.

Improved blood circulation in the body can help in natural hair loss prevention. Taking a blood purifier and detoxification program once in a while also help in natural hair loss prevention. When there are home made remedies (like the above mentioned) are naturally available, why go in for treatment at a salon by spending exorbitant amounts of money?

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