Women and Hair Loss


Is women and hair loss such an important issue? Well, when you see Angelina Jolie or Jennifer Aniston with their hair open walking down the red carpet, you cannot help but wonder how these women have such beautiful, shining and silky hair. Simple, they take care of it. After all it’s their job. Though hair fall is nothing new to women, still it has been a cause of concern for one and all. Especially a women’s body undergoes various changes at every stage in life. Be it puberty in teens or pregnancy and child birth in twenties and thirties or menopause in their forties. At every stage there is a hormonal disturbance that upsets the body and mind. It is at these times that hair loss in women is inevitable.

For a woman her beauty lies in her hair. Long, cascading, glossy tresses give an ethereal look and add to the beauty of a woman. The shining, silky mane attracts many men and they do like it. So it is indeed depressing when women experience hair loss and have to live with the horror of thinning hair or balding. Many ladies, style their hair in such a way that it looks full and bouncy. Hair loss occurs in women who often iron it or straighten it to give it an artificial look. Rebonding and perming spoils the hair follicles and the growth slows down. Even coloring of hair is a reason for hair loss in women. After all Nature has given you a texture that most suits you. Why change it just to imitate and compete with the Joneses? Youngsters today wish to imitate ‘Hannah Montana’ and like to try out wigs. This spoils the original hair as it is stuffed and the hair receives no oxygen. Hence premature hair loss in women occurs due to use of wigs too.

Also known as alopecia, hair loss in women is still uncommon. Hair growth takes place through out your life and if you can style your hair accordingly and take some herbal supplements and follow a diet regimen then you are sure to prevent hair loss in women. If it is genetic then none of these can help. Hair transplant, hair bonding and hair extension are latest modern techniques available for hair loss in women. How effective these are is unknown. But world over balding men and women are going in for these transplants.

There are many herbal as well as allopathic medications available for hair loss in women. Provillus is one such herbal product that can help women and hair loss. The internet is awash with all types of medications for women and hair loss. Do consult your doctor before you take any of these. After all there shouldn’t be any side effects. Also known as female pattern baldness, hair loss in women is in the rise due to stress and many other mentally related issues.

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